jose corella

Determined to make his mark, a young Jose Corella picked up photography and set about making his formative years in the industry count.

Jose always loved to watch the makeup artists create the perfect look, and he would pay attention to the subtle strokes, studying the artistry of their hands absorbing valuable lessons from the best in the beauty industry. Little did he know where his quiet observations would lead him.

Fast-forward a few years, and the now-eighteen-year-old headed to the bright lights of Los Angeles with a dream and a promise to himself to make every moment count and seize every opportunity that came his way. All the while his love for makeup grew, and he began to prepare the models for photoshoots himself, honing through practice as he applied the learnings he had observed from his peers.

For two years Jose grew into a professional, applying his extensive knowledge of composition and light, tone and texture to the other side of the lens. With his unique background and engineered approach, he quickly made a name for himself in the beauty industry. 

Jose’s art is typified by crisp and clean beauty combined with pops of color and light manipulation, but it is his finishing touches and his attention to detail that are his trademark.